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How can I find out if dates are available?
Please E-mail for more information.

Where can I download floor plans?
Open the links below to view the floor plans.

Upper Floor

Conference Room Measurements: 23'x18', doorways are 8'x3'

Ground Floor
Lower Floor

What are the Operations Hours of the Building?
8am-2am. Feel free to E-mail for more information.  

Where is the 969Market Venue @TheVillage Located?

969Market Venue @TheVillage is located in San Francisco, please see the address listed below.
969 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

How do guests access the Building?
We have entrances on both 969 Market Street, San Francisco and 470 Stevenson, San Francisco that are available for guests based on event planners specifications. 969 Market Street is our main entrance for regular business hours & deliveries. 971 Market Street double doors are available for access when specified for event entrance needs. 

Is there a Kitchen onsite?
We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen located on the main floor and inhouse Catering team with a Full Time Executive Chef and Culinary Team. 

How large is the venue?
The Building is 17,000 square feet. The usable event space is over 10,000 sq. ft.  

Does the Venue provide security & how many?
Yes, the cost is billable to the client and the number of security guards is determined by the number of guests. 3 minimum for Load in Days and 1 security guard per 100 guests for all Event Hours. 

Does the Venue provide Furniture and Decor? 
We pride ourselves in providing our clients the ability to create a customized experience. Our Catering Division can work with you to order items from our preferred vendors. Any outside vendor requests must be pre-approved 60-days prior to Event and if approved Vendors must sign outside vendor form and provide Insurance (additional fees may be applicable pending vendor service)

How does Load in/out work?
Loading in and out of the venue is easy. The ground floor has (2) entrances conveniently located from the Street. The North Entrance | Market Street and the South Entrance Stevenson Street. If needed both streets can be permitted through SFTMA.  Load in/out may be conducted between the hours of 8am-2am.  We do offer the venue at a discount for these days. All items brought into the building must be removed during load out hours or additional fees are billable.  

Are there parking facilities near by?
There is a parking lot directly next to the venue at the 6x6 Building, 945 Market Street (entrance 440 Stevenson Street) - Phone Number 415-981-9435. This is a self park garage facility with a daily or hourly fee.


In addition, there is an “open lot” parking facility located directly behind our building on Stevenson Street, both are readily available and just steps away

Other Area Garages

Fifth & Mission Parking Garage
833 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 982-8522

Priority Parking
486 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 618-0775


What are Fire Marshal policies?
Floor plans must be taken to the Fire Marshal for approval and associated fees are to be paid by client.   For more information consult with our Catering Division who handles floor plans. 

Are Additional permits needed?
Candles and Sterno's require an open flame permit.   

Can I bring my own vendors?

The Venue has exclusive partnerships with approved vendors.   Outside vendor requests are required in writing 60-business days before Load-in and subject to approval and additional buyout fees may be applicable.  

Can I stop by whenever I want for site visits?

Site visits must be scheduled in advance and approved directly through Event Manager prior to arrival and limited to two visits; the initial and final vendor walk-through.  Final walk-through with all vendors to be scheduled 14 business days prior to event or earlier.  We request that vendor site visits be conducted during one day and subject to availability around other event bookings. Authorized client event representative needs to be in attendance for all site visits.  Site visits are available Monday-Friday between the hours of 11am-4pm.  No Site Visits are available during other clients occupied event hours.

Are Vehicles allowed in the Building?
Yes! for Display only. We have a full size freight elevator. The freight elevator services the ground floor. Additional fee's are applicable to display vehicle in the building.   There is no general parking for attendees.  

Do you have Elevators for the various floors?

We have two passenger elevators and one Freight elevator that services the Ground Floor with street access to the rear alley and to the Garage (which is a back of house area for venue staff only). Please note, the Freight elevator should not be used during presentations as it does create noise. 


The Main elevator services all 3-floors and can be used for Load in to the Upper Floor. Consideration should be given to limiting heavy Decor for the Upper Floor or extending load in/out time to further accommodate the delays in extended elevator usage.  Elevator pads must be used during load out to protect elevator (venue provides). 

The small Elevator near entrance is only for passengers and services the Ground Floor to Upper Floor only. 

Measurements for the Elevator to the Upper Floor

Entrance:  90” H x 42” W

Inside: 109” H x 80” W x 64” D 

Measurements for the Freight Elevator

Width: 9' 4"

Length: 22' 2"

Height: 8' 1"

Elevator 1 (for ADA) to Upper Floor 

Door: 84" tall, 41" wide

Inside: 90" tall, 80" wide, 56" deep

Is Cigarette Smoking Allowed?
Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the building. However smoking accommodations can be made by creating designated smoking areas outside the building.

How many restrooms are available?
There are two separate restroom facilities, the ground floor and the top floor. Both the men’s and women’s on each floor are comprised of four stalls.

Is there public transportation near the venue?
We are located right next to Powell BART with MUNI station.

Are food and beverage services permitted in the venue?
As of 2017, we have launched our own in house catering program by Libations, we do have the exclusive on Beverages and we have an approved Caterer list (additional fees apply to use these vendors).

Is there storage available onsite and after the event?
Event/conference item storage prior, during or after the event must be approved and coordinated in advance through our Facility Manager. We Do Not offer outbound shipment arrangements. 

If approved, packages can be shipped no earlier than 3- days prior to the event date/ 72-hrs during the week Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm. Please address packages c/o Facility Manager with your event date noted. 

TheVillage c/o Event Manager

969 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Attn: (date of the event & Event Name) eg. 10_18_17_ExampleEvent

Advanced Package/ Storage Costs (if more than 72 -hrs with pre-approval; without prior approval fees will be doubled).


$75 per acceptance of deliveries (tracking numbers must be provided and times/days scheduled in advance - packages will be refused during other groups event days). 


$150 per acceptance of deliveries if pallet jack required or if delivery company will not bring items into the building (tracking numbers must be provided and times/days scheduled in advance - packages will be refused during other groups event days). 


Daily storage will be billed at $50 per day.   Note, there is very limited storage so all requests need to be pre-approved based on delivery date/size/and number of packages.   This will be coordinated through the Facility Manager. 


Note, shipment may not be accepted during other events, in those cases we suggest advanced warehousing from an outside vendor.   Our staff does not handle shipments your delivery company must have carts/pallet jacks to store in our specified areas.  Additional fees billable if these guidelines are not followed. 

What are the in-house capabilities?
Madrone Studios is our exclusive in-house provider. They are a full service event production and audio visual team with years of experience and full of creativity. We have a Meyer’s Sound System and a 75′ x 10′ Seamless Projector Screen available for rent. We also have in-house Catering by our Libations Brand

Is there internet bandwidth available? 
We have the capability to provide up to 400 mbps of internet bandwidth. There is a charge associated with internet service and is dependant on your requirements.

Is there a venue rental discount for nonprofits?
We offer a 10% discount to non-profit organizations with a 501(c)3. (9.25.17)

Are there overtime charges for moving in and out?
Overtime fee is applied after stated times on the contract. There is a discounted rate for additional load in and out days.

What are the power specifications throughout the venue?
We have 20 amp circuits throughout each floor every six feet. 
There are power sources available throughout the building. We have four 100 AMP CamLock services for a fee.

What are the building policies for garbage and recycling removal?
Clients are required to take all garbage and recycling offsite at the end of the event. Third party waste management companies are available for a fee. Any garbage left behind will incur penalty fees. 

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