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What is The Village?
The Village is an epicenter for creative storytelling leveraging immersive media, interactive technology, and events to produce memorable experiences.

Our foundation is a private event space, but we are so much more than that.

When did you open?

We opened our doors on August 26, 2014

Why did you choose to open mid market?

It’s a place unlike anywhere in the city; a little offbeat, infused with charm, coursing with energy. It’s been home to many types of businesses as decades have passed but its fertile ground for a new generation of creative thought. Its where we’re attracting some of the brightest talent around and the result is sure to be anything but the usual.

What specifically does The Village provide?

The Village provides a beautiful collaborative event space in the heart of Downtown San Francisco.

Offering over 17,000 square feet of prime real estate over three distinct floors, a commercial kitchen, and built-in bar for private events.

We believe in using interactive elements to change the way stories are told.

What was the building before?

The building itself is over a 100 years old, built in 1909 specifically. It’s been many things, but right before us it was Pearls Arts & Crafts.

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