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Libations Catering @TheVillage In-House Chef, Andy Shaffer Bio

Chef Andy Shaffer, was born in Berkeley California. Both of his parents worked in kitchens to pay for school so, growing up, there was always good food around the house to be enjoyed and appreciated.

They say one’s first few years of life will influence their decisions and this has never been truer...

At the age of 13, Andy started to wash dishes at a small diner. Soon thereafter he started helping with food prep...the progression was only natural from that point.

After leaving the diner he went on to work at a French restaurant for a few years and, by the time he was finished, he was the morning sous chef. (This is right before he had even graduated from high school). After high school he continued to pursue his passion for knowledge of all aspects of the culinary world...he spent a lot of time traveling around the world to cook, eat, and enjoy the beauty of the culinary tradition. Through these experiences he started to develop his own style of cooking and techniques. He comes to 969MarketVenue@TheVillage from a renown San Francisco Catering company. Chef Andy Shaffer's style of food is new American with a heavy world twist -leaning more towards the Asian influences. Andy, being a big fan of nature and its organic beauty, ensures his food is always fresh, beautiful, organic and natural. Spending his time off in his own garden growing food for his dinners, he has a lot of love for produce and the farmers who grow it. Whenever possible, Chef Andy leaves nature as nature.

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