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Managing the Cloud: SignalFX Takes Over the Village

Check out this event! Signal FX held a conference at the Village last Friday showcasing their company and its services. The company offers "cloud- monitoring" tools to help companies manage data floating in the cloud.

Our client's event was even featured in a Forbes Magazine article that talks more about the company and their services. Some pictures of the Village are even included in the article!

We received the request from Signal FX to host this event just 14 days before the date. Thanks to our incredible team and the Signal FX team, we banded together and put on a very successful event.

Our Signal FX partner said, "everyone I dealt with throughout the process, from booking to planning the floor plan and event flow, to catering decisions and decor as well as all the day-of on site logistics were fabulous. The lighting was top notch and really helped set the mood".

The possibilities are endless at the Village. Get in touch with us today to see what our team can do for your event!

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