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The Village with Special Guest: Kennedy Events

This week's special guest blog features Kennedy Events, a Bay Area based event planning company that we've had the pleasure of collaborating with in the past. I got the chance to speak with Maggie Braff, the founder of Kennedy Events, and some of her team to get a little more info on their brand and their special relationship with the Village.

Founded in 2001 by Maggie and her longtime business partner, Paige Buck, the company has continued to grow with offices also operating in New York and Los Angeles. The company's main focus is fundraisers, conferences, non-profits and galas.

Being based in the Bay Area, Kennedy Events understandably receives a lot of clients in the tech industry. Maggie mentions, "people in the tech industry don't want to go to ballrooms...they want something a little rough around the edges". From our concrete floors, exposed brick and convenient location on Market Street, our unique space offers that contemporary feel tech clients have come to appreciate.

In the past, Kennedy Events has hosted an AI tech conference with us here at the Village. This conference focuses on how AI is being used in the business world to solve everyday problems; it typically features keynote speeches from leaders in the AI industry and showcases the leading technologies in today's market.

We loved working with Kennedy Events on this past project and look forward to more possible collaborations in the future! Contact them today for all your event planning needs and possibly host with us here at the Village!

You can find the Village and #KennedyEvents on social media:

Photos courtesy of Mitch Tobias and The Village

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