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Emerging Arts San Francisco, The Village Event Center

A Unique Live Experience

On October 24, our nonprofit arm, The Village Impacts will host a new event, Emerging Arts San Francisco, featuring performances from Zion I’s Amp Live, Survival Guide, Le Vice, and Crashing Hotels. The event is designed to pay respect to musicians who helped put Bay Area music on the map while highlighting some of the best emerging local artists out there.

As part of The Village Impacts’ mission to empower local artists, Emerging Arts SF is giving up and coming musicians the chance to perform in a larger production with media capabilities they may not have otherwise had. Each act will perform in front of visuals projected onto The Village’s state-of-the-art 75ft. projection screen, creating a live music experience you can’t find at any other venue in town.

Supporting The Local Scene

A large part of the narrative in San Francisco at the moment is the idea that our city, once known for it’s thriving arts and music scene, is quickly losing that identity, as artists and musicians can no longer afford the increasing rent costs. So, with that in mind, Emerging Arts San Francisco aims to support SF’s music scene by highlighting some top local talent on a diverse bill, exposing them to new audiences and hopefully earning them some new fans in the process.

The Lineup

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