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Events Go Greener in the New Year in San Francisco

Events Go Greener in the New Year in San Francisco

As you may or may not know starting January 1, 2020, all events on City property in San Francisco serving beverages to more than 100 attendees or participants must either make reusable beverage cups available to no less than 10% of attendees or demonstrate that a reasonable effort has been made to ensure that at least 10% of attendees bring their own reusable beverage cup or will have access to one at the event.

To meet the requirement, event hosts must do at least one of the following:

1. Provide, lend, or sell reusable beverage cups to event attendees

2. Promote or incentivize attendees to bring their own reusable beverage cup.

Also starting January 1, 2020, single-use straws made of natural fiber or paper and all other compostable foodware must be certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Compostable plastic straws (PLA) are prohibited by San Francisco’s law because they act like conventional plastic in our environment if littered.

The Village Venue is excited to rise to the occasion.

Having already offered compostable paper products for the past five years to our Clients who like to emphasize it to their attendees.

We are pleased to announce that we are offering reusable cups to a minimum of 10% of guests at all events.

This could be water bottles, china coffee mugs or glassware on all beverage stations.

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable company and we are thrilled to move forward with this new city initiative. Let's continue to minimize our carbon footprint as we move into a new greener decade.

Lear More about San Francisco intiatives at The San Francisco Department of Environment

Our Your Attendees Flying in to San Francisco Airport?

San Francisco Airport already has banned the sales of Plastic Bottle Water onsite. Read More about it SF Chronicle.

This is a great opportunity to send your attendees home with an alternative solution like a branded reusable Water Bottle that helps the planet even more...

Check out "Fill it Forward"

+ app which turns any reusable bottle into the most empowering smart bottle on the planet.

Each time you scan the Sticker on the Water Bottle when you refill it, it will give a cup of clean water to someone in need. These cups help to complete water projects around the world.

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