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High Tea With Top Wedding Planner, Shannon Leahy

Shannon Leahy Rosenbaum of Shannon Leahy Events plans and designs stunning weddings from her studio on Union Street in San Francisco. She’s been published in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides California as well as numerous blogs. Recently named one of San Francisco’s top four planners by 7×7 magazine and one of the top planners in the country by Martha Stewart Weddings, she is renowned for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations and is beloved for her candor and creativity.

We sat down with Shannon to talk about what trends she sees in the event industry, if she’s satisfied creatively, and what her favorite wedding venues are in the area.

How did you get started in the industry?

I started in the non-profit world planning fundraising events. I was lucky enough to land a job as a project manager and assistant to one of the top event designer’s in the Bay Area upon moving to San Francisco back in 2007 and was launched into the world of weddings from there.

What is the hardest part about choosing a venue?

The hardest part seems to be finding a venue that ticks all the boxes as there are often pros and cons for our clients to working in different spaces. Maybe the perfect space is outside the budget you are looking to spend, or maybe budget is not the issue but there are restrictions that come along with the perfect looking space that limit what you can do at the party.

Favorite wedding locations?

There are so many beautiful locations in the Bay Area. We are often working at private properties that have never seen a wedding before so that is always fun. As far as venues available to the public, our favorite locations in the Bay Area are the Asian Art Museum, Durham Ranch, City Hall, The Carneros Inn and Meadowood.

If you could plan a themed event what would it be like and what would it entail?

I always love a traditional British high tea. Everyone would need to dress up and wear hats. Guests would be entertained in a beautiful space and served champagne, pots of tea, scones, tea sandwiches and petit fours. A harpist would play and there would be beautiful flowers everywhere.

What makes a great event?

Great entertainment, great food, fun people. Oh and amazing decor.

What are some trends you see in the industry right now?

Destination weddings continue to be very popular. Instead of favors at the wedding, our guests are giving beautiful gift boxes for out of towner in their hotel rooms. Having multiple days of events and activities and finding locations where everyone can stay together or nearby to have an experience is very popular.

Who is doing something really exciting in the wedding scene right now?

We love what Shelter Co is doing with tented “glamping” excursions for weddings. There are also some really fantastic wedding website templates now available to the public, we love Appy Couple and Riley & Grey.

Are you satisfied creatively?


Stay tuned for more interviews featuring leading industry professionals here on the blog. Got any tips or questions? Email:

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