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Intel Announces Their New Internet Of Things (IoT) Portfolio

The Village was pleased to host IoT Insights 2014, a day of all things IoT, featuring key IoT leaders from across Intel, along with industry partners, all of whom are discussing the latest strategy, products, and deployments that will provide the foundation for accelerating IoT.

Here are some of the highlights from the Intel Internet of Things portfolio that are featured at the event.

  • Intel® IoT Gateway: The updated version of the Intel IoT Gateway integrates the Wind River Edge Management System, so that gateways can be deployed, provisioned and managed throughout the life cycle of the system. This allows customers to rapidly deploy and manage gateways and reduces costs and time to market. In addition, the update gateway includes performance improvements, support for lower cost memory options and a broader selection of available communication options. Intel IoT Gateways are currently available from 7 ODMs with 13 more releasing systems over the next quarter.

  • Enhanced Gateway Security: McAfee, a part of Intel Security, announced Enhanced Security for IoT Gateways in support of the Intel IoT Platform. This pre-validated solution adds advanced security management for gateway devices.

  • Enhanced Privacy Identity (EPID): Intel Security also announced that its EPID technology will be promoted to other silicon vendors. EPID has anonymity properties in addition to hardware-enforced integrity and is included in ISO and TCG standards. Intel will provide implementation licensing so that edge devices and sensors are more likely to adopt it.

  • Intel Analytics Service for Intel® IoT Developer Kits: To get value out of the data generated in deployments using the Intel® IoT Platform, developers need a powerful yet easy-to-use approach to big data analytics. Intel is expanding its cloud analytics support for IoT Developer Kits to include the Intel® IoT Gateway series in addition to Intel® Galileo boards and Intel® Edison Modules. Cloud analytics enables IoT application developers to detect trends and anomalies in time series at big data scale.

  • Intel API and Traffic Management: This new solution utilizes Intel Mashery API Management tools to enable the creation of building blocks that make it easy to build new software applications. Customers of the Intel IoT Platform today have access to these tools to create data APIs that can be shared internally, externally with partners or monetized as revenue-generating data services for customers.

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