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San Francisco Entrepreneur Announces Purchase of Nevada City's Iconic Stone House Building

Jonathan Rowe, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, today announced the acquisition of The Stone House, located at 107 Sacramento Street in Nevada City. Rowe and his team plan to renovate the building with the goal to begin business operations in mid-to-late summer of 2016.

The property is one of Nevada City’s most iconic landmarks, originally constructed in 1882 as a brewery. The Stone House has seen many incarnations since then, most recently operating as an events venue, hosting weddings, concerts, banquets, and seminars.

Jonathan Rowe, the CEO and Founder of The Village events venue in downtown San Francisco as well as Madrone Studios, a creative agency specializing in event production, will draw upon his experience in the hospitality industry to open a farm to table restaurant, cocktail bar, and microbrewery within The Stone House. The property will also be available to rent for special events, corporate meetings, and weddings.

All of The Stone House’s food and beverage offerings will focus on local, organic ingredients and cuisine, as Rowe plans to host a range of well-known chefs in order to maintain a changing, seasonal menu throughout the year. To support this farm to table philosophy, Rowe has enlisted the help of renowned regenerative agricultural specialist, Darren Doherty, to design and develop a nearby farm to supply as much of The Stone House’s ingredients as possible.

“I’m very excited about this project,” said Rowe, “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to open a farm to table restaurant and I hope to make the new Stone House a centerpiece and reflection of the local community.”

As part of Rowe’s commitment to supporting Nevada City’s community, the renovation of the building will feature a rustic-modern design using local and reclaimed materials as well as decor and furnishings sourced from local artists, designers, and craftsmen. Renovation plans also include a Tesla charging station to help support the electric vehicle movement as well as a rooftop solar power installation.

Rowe received the keys to the historic 9,803 sqft. property on February 14 and plans to begin the renovation process in March, 2016.

About The Village

The Village is a state-of-the-art event facility in the heart of San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood acquired by Madrone Studios in 2015. Its 17,000 sqft, tri-level environment is designed to foster the evolution of storytelling through interactive media. The venue is known for hosting large scale, influential events such as conferences and product launches that create unique, memorable experiences.

About Madrone Studios

Madrone Studios is a full-service experiential marketing agency specializing in immersive experiences. The agency uses new media, video production, immersive projection, and interactive technologies to produce unique events to elevate brand messages.

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