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The Village CEO Jonathan Rowe Brings Creative Vives on 7x7

“Some people cannot stay still. They must always be creating something and getting involved in something new. Jonathan Rowe, founder and CEO of The Village, is one of those people.Housed in the 17,000 square-foot Mid-Market building that was once home to Pearl Arts & Crafts, The Village is one-year-old special events venue where Rowe loves to mix all kinds of different media, arts, and installations to produce crazy impactful events. The goal: to cultivate a space where people can be their most creative and expressive, no limits or boundaries. This August, The Village will host the Farm to Fork expo, and also will celebrate its first anniversary with a big bashed themed Past, Present, and Future.

When he’s not busting butt at work, Rowe is into music, yoga, and most of all, his adorable son, Bodhi. We caught up with the CEO during a work-holiday in Cuba to see what this creative entrepreneur is all about.”

Check out his most recent article where he talks about visual art, what he loves most about events, and who his dream client is on 7×7.

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