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The Village Partners With Autodesk, Dolby & PG&E to Present Market Street Prototyping

Being a new business on Market Street has been very interesting. There is no other place in the city that melds so many walks of life into one ecosystem. We are an event venue that thrives on creating a place for celebration, networking and learning. So why shouldn’t the exterior reflect more of the interior? We started by learning what others have been doing already, what we could be doing, and got to work.

Background: The City’s Better Market Street project has been polling and trolling over the years to gather community feedback with one question: What do you want to see on Market Street? Many of the answers ended up having a central theme: people wanted to see cleaner walkways, public areas, and an environment that would make it an enviable place to work, live, and dwell.

The city responded! In contribution with the Knight’s Foundation, they focused their commitment on redesigning sidewalks and creating “Street Life Zones” that would make the street more active and engaging. Ideas were submitted, and picked. The Village invited all designers, artists, engineers and idea makers to present their picked projects to the public, press and judges on Wednesday, January 21st and it was an incredible turnout.

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